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As a trusted Northbrook residential roofing company, we strive to bring innovative solutions to roof repairs and roof installations. But it’s not enough to just be the best at roof replacement services. One of the most notable qualities of exceptional roofing companies are the diverse materials they have access to. Our roof installation technicians have access to a wide range of roofing shingles and materials for roof repairs and roof replacement. Below we have included a list of popular products and the services that we offer to our clients.


Our Northbrook roofing services cover both commercial and residential properties. Keep that in mind while browsing our products and services.


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Re-roofing is a roof replacement process when the previously installed roof system fails, typically due to age, severe weather damage, low quality craftsmanship, defective roofing materials, or negligence. We perform complete roof installations for homes that need to replace an out-dated roof.

Roof Repairs

For roofs that have minor damage or leaks, we can make appropriate adjustments to reduce or fully remove the issue. Our range of Northbrook roof repair services include caulking, re-roofing and  more. They  are made available to homeowners, real estate agents and insurance claims.  Call us for the highest quality residential roofing company Northbrook can offer!

Roofing Inspections/Maintenance

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Maintenance involves the physical inspection of an existing roofing system to determine its current condition, detect weakness and failures and identify any potential future problems. A regularly inspected roof is likely to last longer, saving you money by avoiding costly roof replacement projects. Through a program of regularly scheduled annual or semiannual inspections, the company’s technicians assist owner in protecting their roofing investments by seeking to identify damage in its early stages. Early detection of leaks and roof system failures make it possible for the company to repair and extend the life of a roof system, which is significantly less expensive and time consuming than re-roofing.


  • Membrane roofing – Membrane roofs are common amongst commercial properties. They use highly particular types of materials to seal and protect the flat roofs that are common among commercial properties. Some popular membrane roof materials are:
    • EPDM roofing – formally referred to as ethylene propylene diene terpolymer, EPDM is a rubber roofing material that is meant to completely seal your roof off from moisture.
    • Modified Bitumen – It’s easy, very similar to tar and gravel roofing, the modified bitumen roofing system consists of layers of fiberglass and polyester with bitumen which are added to regular tar and gravel layering system. During climate change or extreme weather conditions, a modified bitumen roofing system will help with shifting and help resist brittleness. Modified bitumen roofing also provides excellent waterproofing and insulation qualities, and is a fire, wind, and hail rated roofing system.
  • Metal roofing – Metal roofing is a durable material that is perfect for sustaining abuse from adverse weather conditions like hail. Be warned though, regular maintenance is advised, rust can be an issue and it can be noisy during rain or hail.
  • Wood roofing – A classic roofing material. Wood remains the tried and true king of roofing because it can be manipulated into a ton of shapes and style, and it is fairly low maintenance in comparison to other roofing options.
  • Shingles – One of the first things that comes to mind when you think of a roof are the shingles that top it off. When considering shingles for your home, the two factors you should consider are the look you want, and the price tag. Avondale Roofing’s product catalogue of roofing shingles is full of options. Here is a brief list on the different types of shingles we have available:
    • Three-Tab Roofing Shingles – A basic yet classic choice in roofing shingles. Customers prefer three-tab shingles for their homes due to their cost effectiveness and traditional look.
    • Timberline Shingles – North America’s number one brand of roofing shingles. They have products that are energy efficient, weather resistant, and come in a number of shades and materials.
    • Lifetime Designer Shingles – A premiere shingle brand name. Lifetime Designer sells premium shingles that come in unique designs made from the best sustainable materials.

If you have any specific questions, please contact us directly! We hope our residential roofing company can be of assistance to you.


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